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I.C.W. was established in 1998 as an investment firm. In 2008, the company began preparations for entry into Central Europe in order to implement several investment programmes there over the forthcoming period. Less than 10 years after entering the region, I.C.W. succeeded in implementing investments in three major fields.

I.C.W. particularly focuses on investment plans during the planning period, when it is approached by a range of world-renowned development and management companies as an equity sponsor for these investments. Upon approval of business plans, economic parameters and stress models related to these investment opportunities, I.C.W. provides capital with a strategy of long-term participation in these projects.

The vision for the majority of investment projects does not only include the economics of the initial plan, but also participation in other follow-up stages of the investment, whose potential has already been scrutinised during the planning phase.

Investment Fields

I.C.W. implements investments in Central Europe which share similar fields and mutually develop. Energy projects are further developed through subsequent investments focusing on the utilisation of energy, as well as on projects aimed at increasing the security of basic supplies needed for energy projects.

Energy Industry

Between 2011 and 2012, the company participated in the construction of a solar power plant in Slovakia with a total output of 5 x 999 kW and also in the planning and construction of biogas stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2012, the company successfully implemented and put into operation a biogas station in the Czech Republic with a power output of 834 kW.

In 2013, I.C.W. successfully completed a project for two biogas stations, each providing an output of 999 kW.


A natural subsequent step for this investment strategy was investment in farms which are able to supply biogas stations with biomass. The company therefore acquired agricultural land in Slovakia in the vicinity of biogas stations in order to lower the cost of raw input materials and to increase the reliability of supplies. In 2013, biogas stations began to be supplied with the company's own biomass delivered from a farm operating on an area of approximately 450 ha. In 2016, another farm operating on approximately 430 ha of land was acquired.


Production mainly concerns a manufacturing plant producing wooden pellets, which effectively consumes residual heat from biogas stations in Slovakia. This drying and pelletising production line uses wooden chips and sawdust and was put into operation at the beginning of 2014. Every year it produces 12,000 tonnes of first-class wooden pellets which comply with the ENplus A1 standard.

I.C.W. also participates in the preparation of other production plants.

Investment Development

Steps implemented to date

Between 2013 and 2016 the company primarily consolidated previously implemented projects. For the solar power plant, the main emphasis has been put on the introduction of preventive measures and inspections in order to eliminate future production outages (for example all panels and converters were tested using thermal imaging cameras), and also on efficient servicing and management.

Biogas station projects have been supplemented with new technology and biomass supply plans have been updated by adding alternative suppliers of biomass with the intention of increasing the efficiency of these sources.

The pellet manufacturing process has focused mostly on the stabilisation of the customer base and even though the previous period in the field went through a crisis, the company was able to put together a portfolio of stable customers necessary for the entire production programme. At the same time, the VOSTOK pellet brand has been firmly established as a permanent and sought after product on target markets.

The acquired farms have been complemented with new high-quality management. This management has applied precise agricultural principles and active and thorough procedures which are much more efficient than other management processes used in this field.

Future Development

Under its strategy, I.C.W. focuses on long-term investments in projects. Therefore, I.C.W. shall continue in the efficient management of its own and other operated investments and shall continue to focus on further development. The next step is to develop the farms so as to reach a production capacity exceeding the supply requirements of biogas stations. The farms shall efficiently perform primary agricultural production while using modern procedures and technology. To this end, an acquisition plan for another farm operating on an area exceeding 1,200 ha is being prepared.

At the same time, production shall be expanded in 2017 with the acquisition of a further production plant with a turnover of approximately € 1 million, in which I.C.W. is to participate.



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